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Me and my contributors would like to thank you for interest in our thoughts in travel. We collectively like food, travel, freebies, and sharing all our knowledge in obtaining free food and travel, or at least get them for cheap.

Working Inside the box #GetOffMyGondola

Working Inside the box #GetOffMyGondola

That person on the right? That’s me, Sheila.

I’m the one who coax some people to write about their travel and post it on this blog.

I became very interested in sharing my thoughts and knowledge about traveling without a tour guide. I’m sure numerous backpackers out there are laughing but some people aren’t as brave as you. However, they’re quiet not satisfied with timed visits to monuments and restaurants.

I am one of those people that decided, I wanted to travel on my own terms. I’ll sleep and wake up when I want. If am I up to it, I’ll walk around Rome all day. However, a day or two or three before I fly back home, I’ll sleep in and lounge by the beach because after a ten-day vacation, I’m back to work on Monday (ugh!).

Yep, that place on the photo is where I work. They say, they like you to think outside the box. This made it so awkward. Work hard. Play hard-ish. I also happen to plan people’s travels. I like spreadsheets and things. Travel apps are great too, especially if they’re free.


Anthony De Vera

NR Journeys with Neil & Reese #NRJourneys

Brandon Chow @chowinaround


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